About The Ultimate Study Tool For A Level Maths

John Armstrong, a level maths tutor and further maths tutor

The Ultimate Study Tool for A Level Maths has helped thousands of students across the UK achieve better grades. Built by myself John Armstrong, an experienced classroom teacher and online tutor of A Level Maths, I have created over one hundred hours of video content, thousands of worksheet questions linked to the video tutorials and linked each syllabus section to the bank of exam questions by category I have collated over my many years of teaching.

Key Features

The Ultimate Study Tool is an online learning platform that encourages independent student learning, proactive practice of skills and equips students with the skills to encourage  productive revision of A Level Maths.

Simple Yet Engaging Interface

The Ultimate Study Tool for A-Level Maths has been designed by experts to give a simple but engaging experience that encourages productivity and progress.

Designed using cutting-edge technology it is both mobile and tablet-friendly making it ideal for learning and revising on-the-go.

Furthermore, with productivity in mind, the platform interface has been designed to ensure that students have no distractions: easy-to-navigate, simple-to-use with no gimmicks – just a comprehensive and engaging learning environment.

Concise and Informative Tutorial Videos

A comprehensive library of tutorial videos have been created in line with the current A-Level Maths specification. Each video demonstrates from basics the skills needed to be successful in each area of the A-Level maths syllabus.

The examples presented are carefully chosen to expose students to every corner of each topic and their individual quirks. See the following example video for more information.

1000s of Example Questions

Any teacher will say that the key to success in maths is to practise, practise, practise. With this in mind, each lesson comes with a carefully designed worksheet allowing students to practise the skill they have just learned. These sheets are precisely aligned with the video tutorial so that all of the practice is relevant to what has just been learnt.

Care has been taken to find the right balance between variation and repetition to allow students to consolidate and build on the new knowledge they have obtained.

Fully Worked Solutions

It is my opinion as a teacher that just giving students the answers to check isn’t enough.

The benefits of students seeing exactly how I as a teacher would lay out my solution to a question are twofold – it allows them to have a prompt when stuck on a particular question but also allows them to critique and improve their method even when answers are correct. Even the best students can make improvements to their written communication of solutions!

Exam Questions By Topic

The best way to become fluent in answering exam questions is…..wait for it…..to practise exam questions!

Once a subject area has been covered and the new learned skills practised, students then can go on to work on the library of exam questions arranged by topic provided by ALevelMathsRevision.com. This library of exam questions  gets over 3Million views per year so the value in this approach is widely accepted.