Cambridge International A Level Questions By Category (formerly CIE)

The following questions have been chosen to aid with past paper revision. The questions are carefully chosen from a variety of exam boards to give a breadth of coverage of the specification, allowing students to practise past paper questions on a per topic basis without wasting the valuable CIE past papers which should be attempted closer to the exam in their entirety.

Pure 1Assumed KnowledgeIndices
Pure 1Assumed KnowledgeSurds
Pure 1AlgebraBinomial Expansion
Pure 1DifferentiationStationary Points
Pure 1DifferentiationTangents and Normals to Curves
Pure 1DifferentiationPractical Applications of Differentiation
Pure 1IntegrationDefinite and Indefinite Integrals
Pure 1IntegrationDifferential Equations
Pure 1IntegrationArea Between a Curve and the x-Axis
Pure 1IntegrationChain Rule In Calculus
Pure 1CalculusVolumes of Revolution
Pure 1CirclesCircles
Pure 1QuadraticsCompleting the Square
Pure 1QuadraticsInequalities
Pure 1QuadraticsSimultaneous Equations
Pure 1QuadraticsStealth Quadratics
Pure 1QuadraticsThe Discriminant
Pure 1Straight LinesStraight Lines
Pure 1Straight LinesStraight Lines Geometric Problems
Pure 1TransformationsTransformations
Pure 1TrigonometrySine and Cosine Rules and Area of a Triangle
Pure 1TrigonometryIntroduction To Trigonometric Equations
Pure 1TrigonometryTrigonometric Equations and Identities
Pure 1TrigonometryRadians, Circle Sectors and Triangles
Pure 1FunctionsFunctions
Pure 1SequencesSequences and Series
PaperTopicTitleQuestionsMark Schemes
Pure 2AlgebraPolynomial Division and Factor TheoremPolynomial Division and Factor TheoremMS
Pure 2Exponentials and LogarithmsLaws of Logarithms and Logarithmic EquationsLaws of Logarithms and Logarithmic EquationsMS
Pure 2Exponentials and LogarithmsSolving Exponential EquationsSolving Exponential EquationsMS
Pure 2Exponentials and LogarithmsExponential and Logarithmic EquationsExponential and Logarithmic EquationsMS
Pure 2Exponentials and LogarithmsModelling With ExponentialsModelling With ExponentialsMS
Pure 2AlgebraRational Functions and Polynomial DivisionRational Functions and Polynomial DivisionMS
Pure 2FunctionsThe Modulus FunctionThe Modulus FunctionMS
Pure 2TrigonometryCompound Angle Formulae – Rcos(x) and Rsin(x)Compound Angle Formulae – Rcos(x) and Rsin(x)MS
Pure 2TrigonometryCompound Angle Formulae (Harder)Compound Angle Formulae (Harder)MS
Pure 2TrigonometryRadians, Circle Sectors and TrianglesRadians, Circle Sectors and TrianglesMS
Pure 2TrigonometrySmall Angle ApproximationsSmall Angle ApproximationsMS
Pure 2TrigonometrySolving Equations Using Compound Angle FormulaeSolving Equations Using Compound Angle FormulaeMS
Pure 2TrigonometryFurther Trig and Reciprocal Trig FunctionsFurther Trig and Reciprocal Trig FunctionsMS
Pure 2CalculusDifferentiation (Chain, Product and Quotient Rules) IntroductoryDifferentiation (Chain, Product and Quotient Rules) IntroductoryMS
Pure 2CalculusDifferentiation (Chain, Product and Quotient Rules) HarderDifferentiation (Chain, Product and Quotient Rules) HarderMS
Pure 2CalculusImplicit DifferentiationImplicit DifferentiationMS
Pure 2CalculusConnected Rates of ChangeConnected Rates of ChangeMS
Pure 2CalculusStandard Integrals of Form f(ax+b)Standard Integrals of Form f(ax+b)MS
Pure 2CalculusIntegration Involving Trigonometric FunctionsIntegration Involving Trigonometric FunctionsMS
Pure 2CalculusIntegration of Rational FunctionsIntegration of Rational FunctionsMS
Pure 2[Need C3 standard integral questions]
Pure 2CalculusPurchase: TLMaths’ Bumper Book of IntegrationPurchase: TLMaths’ Bumper Book of Integration
Pure 2CalculusArea Between a Curve and the y-AxisArea Between a Curve and the y-AxisMS
Pure 2CalculusAreas Involving Two CurvesAreas Involving Two CurvesMS
Pure 2Numerical MethodsTrapezium RuleTrapezium RuleMS
Pure 2Numerical MethodsCobweb and Staircase Diagrams in Numerical MethodsCobweb and Staircase Diagrams in Numerical MethodsMS
Stats 1Representation of DataAverages and Spread
Stats 1Representation of DataStatistical Diagrams and Measures
Stats 1ProbabilityConditional Probability and Venn Diagrams
Stats 1ProbabilityConditional Probability With Tree Diagrams and Two-Way Tables
Stats 1DistributionsDiscrete Random Variables
Stats 1DistributionsBinomial Distribution
Stats 1DistributionsExpectation and Variance of Binomial Distribution
Stats 1DistributionsGeometric Distribution
Stats 1DistributionsNormal Distribution
Stats 1CountingPermutations and Combinations