A Level Further Maths Easter Revision Course

Is an Online Revision Course Really Effective?

I understand that you may have reservations about the effectiveness of a fully online revision course, so the purpose of what I am about to write is to provide you with all of the facts so that you can make an informed decision as to whether it is the right choice for you.

Q1: How do I know that I/my son or daughter will engage with the revision course?

Simply try it out and if you feel that at the end of day 1 that it isn’t for you, let me know via email (john@alevelmathsrevsion.com) or telephone (+44 (0)203 4 888 040) and a full refund will be arranged. The last thing I want is anyone feeling that they haven’t received good value. But I am confident that you will find it useful, productive and, dare I say, fun!

Q2: How is it possible for students to interact with a teacher on an online revision course?

The online revision courses use the Zoom conferencing software package which is very simple to use; you click a link then you’re in! In order to ensure that the course flows smoothly, all students who attend will be, by default, muted and then when they have a question the can ask via the chat facility (either privately or publicly) and at this point they will be given the option to unmute or continue their questioning via chat. This way, students get to communicate in their own preferred way: verbally or via a  chat facility, publicly or privately so that everyone will have the benefit to ask questions.

Q3: Are the sessions in the revision course recorded?

Yes. Each session is recorded and is accessible at any time, along with the resources used in each session. This is a big advantage of an online session. Online access will be granted to these at the end of each day that the course runs. Access will remain open until the end of the academic year in which the course runs.  

Q4: What is the best way for a student to approach the revision course?

To get the most out of the online course, students should find a quiet place to work with a good internet connection, clear their desk and put their phones to one side. Full focus on what we are going through on the course is required to get the most out of it, as would be the case in a classroom.

Q5: What will students achieve during the revision course.

By the end of this revision course students will:

  1. Have gone through in detail the A Level Further Maths Pure Core syllabus in its entirety.
  2. Know how to revise.
  3. Know what to revise.
  4. Have the materials you need to productively revise.
  5. Have a much better chance of achieving your target grade.

Advantages of an Online Revision Course

We have invested heavily in cutting edge educational technology in order to ensure that the online educational experience is as effective, if not more so, as being in the classroom. On our courses students can:

  • Ask questions (anonymously if they so wish, removing any barriers to students getting the help they need);
  • Answer questions (again, anonymously if they so wish);
  • Access recordings of the sessions after the event in order to refresh themselves on the topics covered.
We firmly believe that, rather than simply matching the classroom experience, we are enhancing it.
A Level Further Maths Course Overview

Our three-day intense online A Level Further Maths Easter Revision crash courses help students improve grades by covering the Pure Core section of the A Level Further Maths syllabus in its entirety. Delivered by myself, John Armstrong, creator of ALevelMathsRevision.com and carefully selected colleagues who are expert teachers of A Level Maths, the courses equip students with the skills, knowledge and revision materials that they need to embark upon a successful revision regime. Click the image below to download a copy of the course prospectus for an overview of the course, including the curriculum covered. [Note: For up-to-date pricing please look at the “Dates/Prices” tab on this page].

Here are the most commonly asked questions about our A Level Maths and Further Maths revision courses.

  • How does an online revision course work?
    • Over the last few years, technology has come on a long way making it possible to recreate the classroom experience in an online environment. I have much experience of teaching online, as do my colleagues, having invested heavily in technology to make the online learning experience just like being in the classroom. With Zoom, I can broadcast my screen so students can see what I am writing, giving students advice on how to tackle various topics. However, just like in the classroom, students are able to “raise their hand” by requesting to unmute themselves and then I can field any questions they have. A truly interactive experience. If a student does not want to unmute themselves to ask a question then they are welcome to type a private message to me and I will answer their question just as if they had asked me verbally. See the video below showing one of my YouTube “lockdown livestreams” which show how online group teaching can be made interactive.

  • What are the aims of the course? 

   The three main aims of this course are to help students to:

      • Learn how and what to revise
      • Fill gaps in and consolidate mathematical knowledge
      • Achieve high grades
  • Who delivers these courses?
    • The courses will be delivered by myself, John Armstrong, the creator of ALevelMathsRevision.com. I am a qualified teacher of Maths in a sixth form college with extensive knowledge of the current linear A Level Maths and Further Maths specifications. I graduated in 2007 from the University of York with a Distinction in MSc. Mathematics with Modern Applications having previously completed an undergraduate BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science. Please visit my YouTube Channel to see examples of my teaching. When the course numbers require it, I will draw upon a few carefully selected colleagues to help deliver the courses, although I will be present and delivering content at all courses.
  • How do I know how good your courses are?
    • A very good question! These courses have been running for many years now. Just check the sliding images above for some examples of the feedback we get.
  • Why is this different to other revision courses?
    • We firmly believe that in order to get the best out of students, you need to do far more than simply “tell them how to do it”. We work on developing the mathematical thought process, adopting a radically different approach than simply “lecturing” students to success. A combination of many years experience of delivering A Level Maths and Further Maths in schools, exam board marking experience and a high teacher to student ratio so students can ask about any problems they encounter as they occur means our approach is very different to those of other providers.
  • How much do your courses cost?
    • Click the “Dates/Prices” tab to find out more about the cost.
  • How big are the class sizes?
    • Class sizes differ from course to course, however, we guarantee that the ratio of teachers to students will be at least 1 qualified teacher per 10 students present in person. We also will have a teacher manning the online course stream to in order to field any questions that may arise. We will often have subject specialist assistants in addition to a qualified teacher presence to further enhance contact time and improve the student learning experience.
  • How is the course structured?

A Level Maths Easter Revision Course

The course has already taken place however access to the recordings and associated resource banks can be accessed in the “Purchase Access To Recordings” section below.
This course covers the A Level Mathematics syllabus in its entirety and all students will be provided with a personalised revision pack tailored to their own exam board, full of practice questions and past papers.
If you have any further questions either before or after you book, please do not hesitate to get in touch. For the quickest response, please fill out the enquiry form below.Once received, we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Alternatively, you can contact us as follows:Email: courses@ALevelMathsRevision.com Tel: +44 (0)203 4 888 040.

The revision course has already taken place, however, you can still access the recordings and the resources used for just £50 by registering below.

A Level Further Maths Revision Course Booking

You can book onto this course by entering your details in the box below and completing the signup process. Once the signup is complete you will be redirected to the course resource page on which you can access all of the resources that will be used on the day of the course. To access the course on the day, simply navigate on the menu at the top of the screen to “Revision Courses -> A Level Further Maths Easter Revision Course -> Login” and you will be taken to the course page.

As an added bonus, the course doesn’t end after the three days are up; you will be able to access all of the course materials and recordings for one year after the course has taken place!