Online A Level Maths Tuition Versus In-Person A Level Maths Tuition

Historically it used to be the case that in-person tuition was considered superior to in-person tuition, especially for a subject like A-Level Maths. There was a very good reason for that: the technology just didn’t exist to make online lessons as interactive as the in-person experience. But that is no longer the case. With the rise in tablet technology (the iPad, the Microsoft Surface, the HP Envy, to name but few examples), the online experience can be just as interactive, if not more so, than the in-person experience.

Advantages of Online A Level Maths Tuition

There are many advantages that online A Level Maths tuition can bring. In my opinion, online tuition is no longer a compromise. Just read the reviews my former students and their parents have left (click here to read).

  • Geographic separation is no longer a barrier to securing the services of an appropriate tutor. By going online, you can choose from a wider pool of teachers with varying levels experience, a wide range qualifications and who charge a range of prices. The choice is so wide that you are almost guaranteed to someone with the skills that are right for your situation. Just be careful to go with the right tutor for you – please read “Finding an A Level Maths Tutor Who Matches Your Needs” and “Mistakes to Avoid When Finding an A Level Maths Tutor” for more information. 
  • To get the most out of tuition it is important that the student must feel relaxed. With online tuition, lessons can take place at a place in a location in which the student feels at their most comfortable.
  • With modern-day online shared whiteboard software, tutors can see everything that a student is writing as they are writing it. One of the most common problems I have faced when tutoring in-person in the past is that I could not always see what the student was writing. Sometimes they were sat at an angle that made it difficult for me to see the piece of paper they were writing on, other times their hand was in the way so I had to wait until they had finished a question before I could review their work. With online tuition, this is no longer the case.
  • You will never have to hear the words “sorry I’m late, traffic was bad” ever again!

Disadvantages of Online Tuition

Whilst there are many advantages to online tuition, there are also some drawbacks that it is only fair to acknowledge.

  • If your internet connection is not reliable, lessons may not flow well.
  • The above advantages are true but under the assumption that the student is ready and willing to engage with online tuition. It may be the case that a student would simply prefer to have a face-to-face tutor.
  • There is so much choice out there it can be daunting knowing what to look for in a tutor (see “What To Look For in an A Level Maths Tutor” for more information).

To summarise, there are many advantages that online tuition can bring when using the right software and technology, but there are also circumstances in which it may not be suitable. Ultimately, it is for you to decide what is best.