A Level Maths Easter Revision Course

A Level Maths Easter Revision Course 2025

(at the University of York)

5.0 35 reviews

  • Avatar Sophie Grogan ★★★★★
    Highly recommend these to anyone looking to improve their grade. The tutor’s knowledge and … More enthusiasm stretches much further than teachers at school. Definitely worth doing as they cover the majority of the course with quality teaching.
  • Avatar Jess E ★★★★★
    John is an amazing tutor. I did the Easter course at York University with him for a week and … More learnt so much that I decided to have 8 one to one tutor sessions with him on line. These work really well with an iPad and stylus. John replies to all your questions during the week too!
  • Avatar Oliver Shaw ★★★★★
    At the beginning of Year 12 I was struggling with maths a lot, but after John started tutoring … More me my confidence increased massively as well as my overall understanding of the content. I also really appreciated being able to ask John for help at any time throughout the week with maths questions providing even more support. This Easter, I went to John’s A-level revision course and it was so helpful and recapped all of the A-level content , leaving me feeling a lot more prepared for my maths exams.

About the A Level Maths Easter Revision Course

The A Level Maths Easter Revision Course at the University of York will give an overview of the entire A Level Maths specification, helping students identify and fill and consolidate any gaps in knowledge. There will be a particular focus on exam technique whilst simultaneously uncovering many of the sneaky tricks exam boards can throw at students and how to deal with them. Further information can be found in the expanding menus below.

Why an Easter revision course? 

By the time the Easter holidays arrive, the revision phase of the learning process should be well underway. But even this late in the academic year, students often have difficulty in knowing how and what to revise, and how to plug the gaps in knowledge that revision uncovers. Consequently, the three main aims of this course are to help students to:

  1. Learn how to revise
  2. Learn what to revise
  3. Fill gaps in and consolidate content knowledge

This will be done with a major emphasis on tackling exam questions across the entirety of the A Level Maths syllabus. Particular attention will be paid to:

  • Exam technique
  • Targeting the marks (i.e. writing what the examiners want to see)
  • What to do when presented with an unfamiliar question (i.e. how not to panic)

Students have commented after past courses that the intensity of the four-day experience, whilst tiring, gave insight into how it was possible to remain productive for long periods of time. This is an experience that can be learnt from and applied across all subjects, increasing productivity at a crucial time of the academic year.

How does the course work?

The course will take place over four days during the school Easter holidays at the University of York, creating a studious and focused atmosphere in which productivity can flourish.

As mentioned previously, the major focus of the course will be on exam question revision across the entirety of the A Level Maths syllabus. A recap of every element of the syllabus will be presented to the students by experienced teachers of A Level Maths. Time will then be spent allowing students to practise questions on individual topics and teachers will circulate the room, helping students with whatever problems they have.

Who delivers these courses?

The courses will be delivered by myself, John Armstrong, the creator of ALevelMathsRevision.com and some carefully selected and trusted colleagues. I am a qualified teacher of Maths with many years of experience working in a sixth form college. I have an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the A Level Maths and Further Maths specifications across all exam boards. I graduated in 2007 from the University of York with a Distinction in MSc. Mathematics with Modern Applications having previously completed an undergraduate BSc in Mathematics and Computer Science. Please visit my YouTube Channel to see examples of my teaching. 

How do I know how good your courses are?

A very good question! These courses have been running for many years now. Just check the “testimonials” section above to see the opinions of students who have been on the course in previous years.

Why is this different to other revision courses?

We firmly believe that in order to get the best out of students, you need to do far more than simply “tell them how to do it”. We work on developing the mathematical thought process, adopting a radically different approach than simply “lecturing” students to success. A combination of many years experience of delivering A Level Maths in schools, exam board marking experience and a high teacher to student ratio so students can ask about any problems they encounter as they occur means our approach is very different to those of other providers.

Is there a limit on group sizes?

Yes. In order to ensure that students are able to make the most of the revision course, we have limited the group size to 20. The teacher:student ratio is guaranteed to be at least 1 teacher per 10 students, allowing for questions to be asked an help to be given to individual students on the topics they are struggling with.

How much do your courses cost?

Click the “Dates/Prices” section below for details on price.

What times do the courses run from/until?

Courses run from 9.00am to 4.30pm with regular breaks throughout the day. Students will receive a total of at least 6 hours tuition per day.

How is the course structured?

You can get a detailed description of the course in our prospectus. Just click here to download a copy

Which exam boards does the course apply to?

The course applies to all four of the main specifications sat in England: Edexcel, OCR, OCR-MEI and AQA. When the A Level Maths specification was reformed in 2017, one of the main requirements was for the exam boards to align in the content they teach. Whilst there are some very minor differences in the Statistics content which will be made clear on the day, the Pure and Mechanics content is aligned across all exam boards, making this course applicable whichever of the four syllabuses you study.

The content covered will be an overview of the entire of the A Level Maths syllabus. Each carefully chosen example will highlight key points to do with exam technique, ensuring students not only know the content but also can apply it in an exam situation.

For specifics on what content will be covered, please view the course prospectus by clicking here.

A Level Maths Easter Revision Course at the University of York

The A Level Maths Easter Revision course for Easter 2025 will take place over four days at the University of York during the Easter 2025 school holidays.

  • Dates: Monday 14th – Thursday 17th April 2025
  • Location: University of York
  • Price: £600 £510 (15% Early Booking Discount)
You can reserve your place by selecting the “Book a Place” expanding menu below.

Whist the course is not residential as such, accommodation can be booked directly through the University of York (specifically the STEM Centre).

For further details please contact contact the STEM Centre at the University of York on 01904 328364 / reception@stem.org.uk.

If you have any further questions either before or after you book, please do not hesitate to get in touch. For the quickest response, please fill out the enquiry form below. Once received, I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Alternatively, you can contact us as follows:

Email: courses@ALevelMathsRevision.com

Tel: +44 (0)203 4 888 040.

A Level Maths Revision Course Booking

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