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TLMaths' Bumper Book of Integrals

A book of over 2500 integrals (with answers) carefully designed to gently guide students through what is one of the most substantial topics in A Level Maths. Written by Maths teacher Jack Brown, he certainly makes sure that no stone is left unturned in this excellent resource useful for both private student revision and classroom teaching.

TLMaths Bumper Book of Year 1 Differentiation

A fundamental topic that reappears throughout the whole of A Level Maths. Each question is masterfully crafted to build confidence over time to ensure that students have the fundamental differentiation skills that will see them through A Level Maths.

TLMaths' Bumper Book of Reduction to Linear Form

Reduction to Linear Form is a topic that causes so many problems for students. Very few good resources existed on this topic…until now! True to form, TLMaths’ Jack Brown has created this excellent resource to plug that gap. With 330 practice questions, this teaching and revision resource is essential for any A Level Maths Classroom.