Organise Yourself With i4cu

What is i4cu?

Let’s be honest with ourselves – whether a teacher or a student, we all have a problem with our files, documents, emails, who did what and why, finding which document led to the next, if an email was sent before or after a spreadsheet was updated and so on. And there is nothing yet to help us to deal with all these fears we don’t admit to; did I find all the information? Am I missing an important email? Do I remember correctly what happened with this parent I spoke to two weeks ago?

Research shows that more than 60% of professionals and organisations use more than 4 software applications and systems just to manage their information. This is bad! And these little fears we mentioned above? Not addressed and playing havoc with our stress levels and work pressures.

Features of i4cu

i4cu solves these problems, it is intuitive, it does not leave any gaps, it reflects the work you do every day and the way we all think, remember and act.

It does not matter if you are a self-employed professional, a large business, an academic or a student. The complexity is the same – only the volume changes. i4cu covers all of this and allows you to:

  • Be always current, in-context of your work and with all your information on a timeline you understand and can relate to.
  • Drag and drop your files, create deadlines, set notes, flag actions, collaborate with anyone you need in your business or outside.
  • Associate information items between cases.
  • Stop any confusing duplications of files or emails. Make them instantly available to your colleagues working on the same case so everyone sees one true and current picture of your business activities.
  • All your deadlines on a timeline with all the information assets (files, emails etc.) having the same deadline grouped together.
  • See the context and dependencies of every deadline at a glance.
  • Click on any item and move automatically to the timeline location of this item so the flow of your thinking is not interrupted.
  • Click to open the information item and act with the assurance of knowing that you are using the right file or email instead of a previous version or an obsolete one.